Sunday, May 28, 2006

Not Exactly Scarf Weather...

I finished my scarf using that yarn I was drooling over in this post. I know I won't be able to wear this creation for quite some time...especially since the weather in NYC is hazy, hot and summery.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Walking in Brooklyn

Yes, I love to walk. This time it was group fun.

My Advanced Studio class made a trip to the Dumbo section of Brooklyn to visit a small gallery that we very well may have an exhibit of our work at the end of the summer. That is a story for later when the details have been confirmed, but what I really want to share is some of the pics that I took while we wandered.

This is a piece of art created by one of my instructors. He creates pieces of art that are placed outside somewhere. They tend to disappear before too long, but he documents them and checks in every know and again. This particular piece sits in a second floor arch way of an old warehouse in Dumbo. It is a little hard to see, but is a back view of a woman and her spine is a violin. A real violin I might add...

I am not sure if this was a piece of art, a poster or what not, but it looks quite intersting in its current state...

This was another architectural detail that caught my eye. Like others that stop me in my tracks this one is a littel decrepit, but the pealing paint adds character. This sort of thing might be the inspiration for my next set of art works...

And to close this post...these are the feet that carried me around (sporting my snazzy red mary jane mules).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Floral Goodness...

The last two days have been gorgeous! It took me quite a while to get to work yesterday only because I was distracted by all of the flowers that suddenly exploded around my apartment complex. I just had to stop adn take pictures...I just couldn't resist!!!

The two areas that seemed to be the most photogenic were the roses and the irises (along with other purple flowers of an unknown name).

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I decided that it was time to try some new knitting projects last week. I picked up a copy of the Summer Knit.1 and was excited about some of the sweaters I saw. They may be a bit advanced for me, but a girl's gotta learn sometime, right?!?

I decided to try the green cropped cardigan (for anyone who has seen the mag, you probably know exactly which one I am talking about). It seemed more challenging than what I have done so far, but not so complicated I was afraid of trying. I picked up a nice pink yarn for it, but not the one you see above...that is something else entirely!

While I was browsing (a store that sells the standard yarn manufacturers...not a shmancy lys) I found this lovely spun yarn by Kramer Yarns called Mauch Chunky. That is what you see in the photo above. The color is titled "Rhubarb" and the photo does not do it justice in any way. I fell in love with the color. It was a bit pricey for my budget (Approx. $5 a skein) so I only bought 2 skeins. I had no idea at the time what I would do, but on my walk home I figured my best bet was a scarf (another one) but I would do something that would not overwhelm the color and texture of this nice yarn. I found a post somewhere with a pic of a simple scarf (knit 3, purl 3) and decided to do a thin scarf (24 st across) and make it quite long. I just started and I love it. Such a thick, chunky ribbing for a luscious rhubarb yarn.

Not that this yarn captivating me isn't enough, but the very end of one skein looks like a five pointed star...which is shown in my photo. To top it off there is a swirl in the middle...could it be more perfect!!!

Ok...I'll stop with the yarn lust now!

Monday, May 15, 2006

And now for something completely different!

I have no idea if anyone actually comes back to see this little blog o' mine but if you do you will probably notice I am trying to change things up a bit. I want this to be a space of my own... and be a better reflecion of my style. The blogger templates are a little limiting so I am trying to find a free template elsewhere or gather enough saavy to customize one to suit my fancy. It is a bit of a headache but could to be quite nice once all is said and done.

I did want to post pics from two seperate walks I took over the weekend. I always see neat little nooks and crannies all over NYC that (unitl now) I would pass by with a memory picture. Now that I have my sweet little Canon PowerShot with me I can actually make a record of what I see. Love it!!!

So with out further ado, here are my latest snappies...

There are so many wonderful architectural details scattered about the city. Many go unnoticed because they are not in the best of condition or attached to buildings you wouldn't suspect would have such treasures. Take for example the colorful ceramic tile work- that is on a narrow section of wall between Burlington Coat Factory's storefront windows. In some spots it looks like there is some sort of compound that held some other covering overtop of the tile work. This happened alot in the 80's when antique or vintage was not in vogue. I am glad that is no longer hidden!

The face with the peeling paint, although in disrepair, has so much character. Although he could ue some love, I think that he is quite wonderful as is.