Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back on the needles...

I have my second sock on the needles. I thought I might fall victim to the second sock syndrom, especially after 3 unsuccessful cast-ons, but my incentive to get both done was not allowing a finished photo of sock one only the finished pair. Since I haven't been commuting much lately due to spring break at school there hasn't been a huge amount of knitting on this wip.

However, I have been plodding away on my Green Gables sweater. I think (hope and pray) that I have my gauge right now. I am not far from the try-on spot in the pattern so we shall see. I am not confident, but I am going to trust myself for now.

In other areas of production, I have been working on my "idea book" for my teaching seminar. It is a book that we are asked to assemble a book of inspiration for our future teaching process. This includes traditional and non-traditional materials, processes and ideas. Creating my book has been fun so far. Right now I am working in the materials section. I have been adding bits of materials with notes on uses potential and characteristics. It is inspiring. I want to be able to use the materials I am sampling for a bigger project. There isn't time for all I would love to do and there may not be any time to finish if I do not get cracking. I have collected so many bits and pieces of art supplies. Plus there are so many ideas that pop-up that I do not have the materials I need. I may just need to make a trip to the art store! That would be a shame (note: heavy sarcasm).

Monday, April 02, 2007

Critical Mass

Critical mass...the point at which I am completely unsatisfied with the way my clothing fits, how I look and how I feel. It is all inter-related and affects my mood. Of course I feel sluggish...I have not been creative, healthy or responsible for my actions that contribute to my mental health. It is imparative that I make some changes.

I am creating a plan this week to get my self on track in so many ways. Since I have a week of break I am going to initiate some good habits including (but not limited to):
- adding healthy activities to my day (i.e: fitness, eating better)
- taking my vitamins
- flossing daily
- drawing daily

In general I have noticed my artistic endeavors and healthy self have fallen to the side and need to be a more prominent part of my day. Of course they should be part of the bigger picture which is my life, but if I can focus on my daily existence first then inherently they will be part of my life. I am going to set small goals which will feel nearly effortless in order to progress to the bigger goals.

To get myself on track I have signed up for the Self Challenge (which I have yet to complete for one reason or another in the past) and my goal is to get through one week at a time. After all each week is part of one month and one month is 1/3 of the three month challenge. Baby steps! I am also inserting a 30 min. walk into each day this week. This starts my journey to the Self Challenge and adds time for me to explore the town I have been living in for the last 5 months.

For my birthday I received a copy of The Creative License by Danny Gregory. I have heard fabulous things about this book and how many people have used it to rediscovery their creativity. I know I am creative and I flex those mental muscles often as an art teacher (in training) but I rarely draw for myself. My goal is to read the book this week in daily one hour bites. I will read for a bit and draw for a bit in each one hour increment. I will also carry my mini sketchbook and one drawing instrument with me whenever I go out just in case I have a moment to draw. I will also carry my camera with me in order to "snap" things I find visually pleasing during my day. If I am taking photos I am going to print out at least one each day and add it in to my sketchbook.

The vitamins and flossing falls under the header of taking care of myself but I some how manage to let these easy little items slip through the cracks. I will keep track of how I do this week in order to start a routine.

Wish me health since luck has nothing to do with it!