Monday, July 30, 2007

See you in Springfield...

Hee hee!

I was fooling around on the web and found a site where you can "Simpsonize" yourself! I had to get my geek on and give it a try. Unlike the Avatar you can create on the Simpson's movie website on this site you upload a photo and customize the simpsonized version of yourself. This is a pretty decent likeness considering the new haircut don't you think?!?

Too funny!!!

(Now to go see the movie this weekend...)

Collage Challenge

One of the blogs I have started reading recently, A Girl and Her Journal, put together a Sunday Collage Challenge. For some reason I was compelled by the images to give it a go. My sketchbook has been sadly neglected this past month so it was nice to pull it out and work on something. Here is what I came up with using several of the images provided...

I have a feeling I will work on this a bit more. I really was possessed by the need to put these images together which is often how my works of art begin...with an obsession. To see a better image it is in my flickr.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Berry Big!

Not only have I found unusually large strawberries lately, but there have been big things going on here.

First being that I have been staying on task with a new eating plan to help me loose weight and lower my blood pressure (thus more fruit, albeit big fruit!) and combined with my fitness bootcamp things are going well!

Next on the list is big changes in hair! I have been growing out my locks for the last two years in order to donate my hair to Locks of Love. I was inspired by my Dad and my sister who came up with the idea. A few weeks ago I got 11" of donatable hair cut off and I am sure another inch or two lost in styling. Here are some before and after shots...

The crazy part of the hair cut was the wavy/curly action that happened once so much hair was cut off! I have always had straight hair that had fullness but not like this! Even when I had it short before this it would not take curl to save my life! Even perms barely worked. Crazy!!!

And the sewing is coming along well (the last big thing to report). I finished a reversible apron, a drawstring skirt, and a bag for a swap (which I will post after it has been received).

I love my skirt...especially the polka dot ribbon drawstring. How cute is that. I have another skirt or two I want to sew up, another bag and who knows what else! I heard that Rag Shop is going out of business so I am going to see if there is anything left at my local store. We shall see!