Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hee hee!

I was out wandering the web and I discovered that my Iris Shawl Pattern has a few site mentions and links. It makes me giggle and think...hee hee, they like it! I had emailed a link to Knitting Pattern Central to see if it might get listed and sure enough it did. I am sure that helped but others are mentioning it. I even saw it mentioned on the Lime & Violet message boards and I quote L&V when I say "squeee!"

I must also give a squee and a hee hee to my latest and only project on the needles!

Yes...I have started my first pair of socks using Superwash Merino from Cherry Tree Hill in "Foxy Lady." It was a skein I picked up after two visits to Seaport Yarn and both times it called my name. I have been wanting to try knitting socks for a bit and thought that now was the time! The color really is more lovely in person and the yarn is oh so yummy! The colorway has beautiful pinks, magentas, teal and a neutral in-between-shade that is almost lavender.

The pattern I am using is the basic ribbed socks by Kate Atherly published in the online magazine Spun. I did not want to get too complicated on my first pair plus I am knitting them up with the magic loop method. I have a bit more (an inch or two) to go on the cuff and then down to business!

I mentioned this is currently the only project on the needles. I frogged quite a bit lately as I mentioned in a previous post. Unfortunately I made another visit with my nearly half done Tenpting II. Ugh! I was within 3-4 inches of the part in the pattern where you divide for the sleeves and decided I should weave in a few loose ends that were irritating me. While in the process of weaving ends in I discovered a nasty little hole at a point where I joined in a new ball of yarn. At first I thought maybe it was just a stretched bit that I could fanagle back but no...the more I fiddled the worse it looked. I think the real problem was a dropped stitch that somehow snuck in. There was no way I could see to fix it, got mad and frogged the whole thing.

Admittedly I started this project back when I was a relatively new knitter and then set it down for most of the winter. Looking back at how it was turning out I am glad I frogged it. My quality of knitting has greatly improved since I began my Tempting II and honestly I have fallen out of love with the garment. I think it is a beautiful pattern, just not one I think I would wear as often as I imagined. Now I have a bunch of Rowan Calmer that is in need of a new pattern.

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