Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Afternoon Well Spent

This afternoon I got acquainted with my new sewing machine. I have had her since Christmas (a gift from my Mom) and have not had anytime to learn her particulars. She is a White W450 and works quite nicely. I fell like she should have a name and I can not get "Daisy" out of my head.

I haven't sewn anything on a sewing machine since high school...perhaps jr high. I got out my manual, my sewing machine and some fabric remnants I got at the Rag Shop the other day and got myself sewing. I practiced on some large index cards to get a feel for how the stitch length and different stitches work and then on to a mini-project!

Using this tutorial on Craftster I made myself an ipod cozy. It was re-sewn once or twice but that is all part of the learning curve!

Things I learned today:

1. Keep your manuals in places you will find them. (With your craft books is a good place)
2. Buy a pair of good scissors and a nice seam ripper.
3. Always read and re-read your it for treading your sewing machine or a pattern.
4. Have fun!

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colleen said...

Sweet pouch.