Saturday, March 04, 2006


Last year was my 30th birthday. Unlike many people, I was super excited about turning 30. Everyone who has walked their path had life changing experiences and really "came in to their own" after this mystical birthday had passes. My Mom deeply believes that after you pass through a decade your personal slate is wiped clean and you may re-create yourself anew. A decade old phoenix if you will.

As part of my hopeful expoloration entering my thirtieth year of existance I created thrity lists of thirty things. The first list outlined the 29 other lists I would write but each had its own purpose and reason for being...just like me!

Well, a year has passed and I wanted to re-visit my lists and see what I had done and what I still needed to look into doing. I will post all of my lists on my other blog here

To get started here is my list of lists...list #1...a preview of the other lists!

My List of 30 Lists

1. A list of lists
2. Long Term Goals
3. Short Term Goals
4. Books to Read
5. Movies to See
6. Places to Visit in NYC
7. Things to Learn
8. Ways to Improve Body/Health
9. Ways to Improve Emotionally
10. Things I Would Like to Do
11. Museums to Visit
12. People to Connect With
13. Places to Visit in USA
14. Places to Visit on Earth
15. My Personality Traits
16. Things I Have Accomplished
17. Things to be Grateful for
18. Things I love about Daron (my hubby)
19. Things I dislike about myself (and want to change/accept)
20. Ways to Appreciate Myself
21. People to thank
22. Ways to Improve Work
23. Things I like about Candor (where I grew up)
24. Things I like about NYC (where I live now)
25. Lessons learned from my Parents
26. Favorite Things
27. Ways to Express Creativity
28. Ideas for Artwork
29. Favorite Moments in my Personal History
30. Ways to Celebrate Me!

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