Friday, March 24, 2006

Ooo la la!

This week I pushed all sorts of limits with one of my ATC's! It is a little racy, a little taboo and certainly not something I would ordinarily make. But first I will show you one I would normally make! If you find female nudity disturbing, inappropriate or distasteful you probably shouldn't read on...otherwise consider yourself warned!!!

I played with a sketch and watercolor for this one...oh yeah no nudity in this ATC. I had the phrase "With the sale of this painting her career really started to take off." Perhaps it is my wishful thinking! I have been creating a lot more art lately and thought of selling some of it. I am not sure I could or how I would go about it...but a girl can always dream! The ironic part is I have never really had any desire to sell my work. I have no idea where these thoughts and feelings are coming from. I have had a number of atypical thoughts (for me) lately...perplexing.

Anyway, I is the first ATC:

And now for the naughty one! This one was inspired by a few fun vintage pin-up girl pictures I have seen recently. Not very feminist of me I know...on the other hand it could be a political charged statement about the objectification of women. Yeah...that's it! That and it was fun! Actually I do have to add that this pin-up was created by Pearl Frush- perhaps one of the few women who created these images. There...a nod to Women's History Month. I knew there was something deeper in it for me!

To create this card I actually used layers of transparency film over top of the actual card Which was a combo of watercolor and a photoshopped pin-up girl. I actually took off clothing in order to add it back with my layers...go figure! Here are the individual views of the layers...I call this ATC "Don't be shy."

All layers in place...

One layer in place...
(her bikini is actually didn't scan well)

And layers on!!!

Oh yeah...this is the source for this pin-up girl if you want to see what she looked like "before" or are looking for images like this.

So that is what I have for this Friday! These ATCs were fun. I am certainly playing with my rules and ideas with in the boundaries of this month's challenge. This is perplexing and thought provoking for me. I think I need to go ponder it further...

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