Friday, March 24, 2006

A Sense of Self

So this is me...ok actually it is a self portrait I painted in me painting class last semester. It is the first self portrait I have done in years! It was one of the last paintings I worked on in class so it was a nice culmination of the experience of painting again. I had only dabbled in the past, but it certainly reminded my why I enjoyed it so much.

I brought it home recently and Daron feels like the eyes watch him where ever he stands in front of it. He is not so artsy so I take that as a huge compliment! Of course living with it for a little while and seeing it everyday makes me notice the little details that I would tweak or change.

No fixing...just changes. Fixing implies an error. There are no mistakes in art, only changes in direction. I love that quote! We had a guest lecturer in class last night since our prof is at the NAEA conference in Chicago this week. The guest is a high school AP art teacher in one of the nicer schools in the Westchester area of NY state. She had some fabulous examples of her student's art work and lesson ideas. It actually made me reconsider my phobia of teaching art at the high school level.

There are no mistakes in art, only changes in direction. What a fabulous thought!

She also shared her process journals which are basically sketchbooks filled with experiementation and exploration. I took a class last semester called Processes and Structures and that was the sum of the class...exploration and experimentation with materials combined with thinking about how this might relate to our lessons we teach. I am going to give this a try as was too good of a notion to pass up! It reminded me a lot of a book I have been thumbing through called Painting from the Source.

Wow...that was a huge tangent. I really need to work on my paper for Artistic Development of Adolescents. No more procrastinating today...ok, well, I'll eat some lunch first and then work on my paper!

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