Saturday, April 08, 2006

Better late than never!

Yeah it is Saturday alrady...but I did take these photos yesterday! I started the transfer process from one PC to another so it is taking a little fanagling to get everything running the way it should.

Technically I did not get another new toy...just the hubby's hand-me-downs. Daron got a new gaming pc a little while back and I get his old one. Of course the computer I was using prior to this one was the previous hand-me-down. I can't complain really. I get a machine that is capable of doing all that I need it too...probably even more so since the gaming pc's are designed with great processors and video cards. This makes running my Adobe programs a dream!

I had a wonderful afternoon running around the Upper Westside of NYC taking photos with my new camera! Flowers are blooming, the corner stores have lovely displays of fruit, veg & flowers. It was kind of a gray afternoon so seeking out color was sooo refreshing! So much so that I have a double dose of orange!

1st Group: Oranges at Garden of Eden, tulips at a flower shop and gerber daisies at a corner deli.

2nd Group: Wonderful paper in the office where I work, my necklace from Lin Glass on Etsy, and a few Prismacolor pencils.

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