Thursday, April 06, 2006

I did it!

Yes...I went out and got that little Canon PowerShot I was lusting after. I love her!!! I took all of the above photos with her. I think there is a huge difference already...but the hubby couldn't tell. Maybe the difference is really in me. I have a sweet little camera that I love to use and therefore take pics I love. It could all be psychosomatic...but I am happy!!!

All of the above pictures were taken at school...either inside or in the immediate area. The photos in the top left and bottom right are motifs from an old elevator shaft. It reminds me of the one they describe in The Timetraveler's Wife (a very cool book btw). I love it for the motifs and definitely not the dust whici makes the wrought iron look white/gray. The other two photos are a corner of a door jam and a good ole' NYC sewer manhole cover. It is one of the few I have seen that does not have that horrible looking insulating coating. I understand that coating serves a purpose, but man is it ugly!

Well these are my black/white/brown photos for Thursday. Tomorrow is orange...that should be fun. I am so excited to tote my new little snappy with me.

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