Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Greenin'

I never think of my apartment as very colorful. I guess that is one of the reasons I am so excited about this color day process. I see color everywhere now! Granted the newness of Spring certainly helps, but I have been focusing on what I have inside since it is a little harder to find. I am so anxious to get a new digital camera to replace my crappy clunker. My Kodak has served my well, but the size and quality no longer suit my needs...and it feels like it may just gie up on me any dayy. It will be a well loved back-up for sure.

I am lusting after the new Canon PowerShot SD600 (shh...don't tell my Kodak). It is small and has sooo many more megapixels than my current camera. I have been pretty restrained about buying it...but I don't think I can hold out much longer.

Oh pics today (from top left to bottom) are my rescued jade plant, my shiny new bag I bought from SugarLust on Etsy, and Boylan's ginger ale bottles waiting to be recycled.

I love my little jade plant. I have been wanting to get one forever and I found this in the hallway near the trash shoot. Why would someone toss this lovely little plant!!! My Mom had one when I was growing up that grew to the size of a small shrub and took up the whole front picture window until it caught a parasite or mites. I was so sad that it went from a luscious (giant) plant to a sickly mess. Hopefully mine does not have some wierd disease and that is why it was trashed. If it lasts for a few weeks I will upgrade it's ugly copper pot so it can grow bigger and bigger. I want my little jade to rival that of my Mom's!

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