Friday, July 07, 2006

What day of the week is it again?

Right...Friday. Good. Can I sleep in tomorrow? Yes? Whew!

It has been a hectic June/July so far and I am so looking forward to having August off. Filling in for the secretary who walked out and left the office in shambles is more than I should have taken on. I am glad that I now only have my ceramics class and a project for my museum course to work on in July. I have crafting on the brain and not nearly enough time!

My show went up in the TC gallery...yeah! Here are some photos. The rest can be seen in my Flickr photos)

This was the culmination of my month-long Advanced Studio course. We were able to work on what ever we wanted to develop into a full studio project. I have been playing with photo transfers and wanted to take that process into my art work. The class worked around the theme of "Found in Transition" and it suited all of our very different projects (I still need to photo the rest of the show).

My focus became the deterioration that I found around my in NYC. There is a lot of it and although it is sad that beautiful ornamentation on buildings is falling apart, there is a unique and beautiful character to this dilapidation. I took lots of digital photos around where I live and school...lots of photos!

I explored three ways of presenting these images. The first was prints of some of the photos. I kept them small and chose a few that did not become transfer prints and displayed them in a box I found in the studio that matched my focus. It was an old wooded planter with a water damaged inside. And check out this detail...

Notice how the shadow lines up with the angle in the photo. This was a complete fluke...I lit the piece the night I hung the work, came back the next morning to take pics and afterwards noticed this about crazy! A subtle detail which no one would notice unless I pointed it out, but how crazy is that!?!

My second was an exploration of one image I was fond of...the black door. I love this photo! I printed the photo on design vellum and found that the light coming through the transparent image was quite nice. The old light box in the studio looked a little worse for wear and complemented my over-all focus (yeah!). The prints above it are a clear transparency, a vellum print and a photo transfer. I like the "transition" between the materials and how it affects the image.

And lastly my photo transfers! A labor of love. I have three groupings of of rust, one of peeling paint and one of cracked wood. In each group there are three images that fall in to the group heading. I did a double transfer for each piece. One transfer of the photo and one of the text. The text is a passage I pulled from the web about each process of deterioration that is also printed and displayed with each print. The paper the passage is printed on was soaked in water and crumpled to add to the character. Not sure how successful that addition was, but it was fun creating them!

All in all I am pleased...I hung my art, set the lighting and only relied on my classmates for springboards for my ideas.

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