Saturday, August 05, 2006


That about sums up how I am feeling lately. Partially because of the heat (getting better) but also because my summer is almost over and not one thing has gone as planned.

I thought I would have a leisurely summer to work a few hours a week in the office, work on some projects and frequent the beach regularly. Ha! That plan fell apart when the newly hired secretary walked out one Friday in June never to be heard from. As the assistant I was asked to step up and fill her place until a replacement was found. This should have taken a weeks, but when I left on my pre-determined last day of employment on July 31st there was still no new secretary.

Needless to say very few fun projects have been completed...a few but not many. I did finish my "Fill-A-Purse" swap on Craftster. My swap partner should receive her package soon! I will post pics as soon as I know she has it!!!

The other major plan that completely back fired was my intention of going camping with my parents, my sister and her family and other friends that I used to camp with every summer growing up. This is the saddest part...I am not going because my husband's grandmother passed away. She had been ill so her passing was not shocking, but still sad. The funeral is in the middle of the camping week so it will be impossible to meet up with my family. I am where I need to be but I do lament not being able to be communing with nature.

On a more positive studio class's art work has been transferred to Pearl Street Gallery in Brooklyn! The gallery site has not yet been updated, but I can say I have my first real show in NYC!!! I used a different selection and arrangement of pieces which seemed a little less contrived than the school show.

Now that I am done working I am hoping to get a little fun & productive time in before student teaching. We shall see!

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