Monday, September 04, 2006

Another Finished Sweater!

Hooray! I finished the button band for my cropped cardigan (finally). This is the first major project I started and although not the first finished, I am still pretty excited. I am loving the vintage mother of pearl buttons, the chunky ribs and the color. I can't wait for the weather to wear it.

I am not, however, loving the way the button holes turned out so I may re-do it at some point. Although truthfully I may just re-sew the buttons to see if that improves the line of the button band and button holes. Otherwise I will definitely need to rip out the band and try again. These button holes are horizontal rather than vertical and they were far more complicated than they need to be in my opinion (knitting each section around the button holes separately, breaking and joining yarn, etc.) I like the idea of binding off a one side of a button hole and doing a cable cast on for the other (no breaking & joining yarn). We shall see!

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