Sunday, September 10, 2006

I really feel like a teacher now...

Too many times I have been plagued by doubt about what I am doing or if I am making the right choices. This is especially true career-wise. I just never felt like I was doing the right thing or that I was being a fraud and somehow would get "found out." I shall not delve in to this subject much further than to say that after four days of student teaching I could not be more sure and positive I have made the correct choice. Even when I went back to school and started taking my art education courses was I this sure.

How did this revelation come about? Well, the obvious trigger was stepping into my role as student teacher this week. I have an amazing cooperating teacher, Kate, who has gotten me in front of the classroom and teaching almost immediately. She is pushing me and challenging me and making sure I try. Even when I need rescuing, Kate is able to fill in my gaps in a truly supportive way and does not make it feel like a reprimand or mistake. We are the same age but she has 5 years of experience. And she rocks!

Now all this optimism should be tempered by reality (at least a little anyway). I am having fun and doing pretty well all things considered. But I am certainly not perfection! With Kate's guidance on lesson planning, gap-filling during class and general support I am able to minimally sputter, stall and grind to a halt. My best analogy is that it is like learning to drive standard...I know what I need to do, what I want to do and how to do it...I just need a lot of practice to make it all go smoothly!

What's the scoop? Well, I am at the High School for Fashion Industries which is a magnet high school here in NYC (the students have to apply to attend). The students can major in art, fashion, and merchandising. There may be other majors but I am just getting to know the school. My teacher is responsible for a Senior Portfolio class and a Photography class (both are double periods or 90 min. long) and one grade 9 Intro to Art class. This is what she is having me teach. It is the last period of the day and is 45 min. long. The minutes zoom by so quickly! I have 34 students which seems like an enormous group, but really they are so quiet!!!! This will change I am sure, but for now they are terrified.

I can't wait for school tomorrow!

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