Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coffee Power!

Yes, this is the fuel that keeps me going. Since I have had this week off thanks to public schools being on mid-winter break a little home brew has gone a long way.

I have completed some knitting projects that I have been trudging through the last few months. Most of which were not on the "to-knit-list" but that's ok. To be fair there have been a few things that escaped photographing do to the last minute nature of holiday knitting.

Most recently I finished the shawl for my cooperating teacher and friend, Kate. I owe her an eternal debt of gratitude for giving me a wonderful high school student teaching experience. She is amazing so the least I could do was knit her something yummy.

She recieved a shawl of my of design which I affectionately call the Origami Shawl because you can wear it anyway you please and a little button keeps it in place. (Gotta love eyelets!!!)

Some other things I have finished include a tea cozy for the hubby's tea pot (from One Skein Wonders) in yarn retrieved after frogging my very first scarf (Lion Brand Wool-ease)

A "Jayne Cobb" hat from the sci-fi sereies Firefly for a friend (from one of the many patterns online, I'll have to look up which one I used) in Aussi Wool.

From the holiday knitting (mostly completed in December and January, but a few items linger)...
- Two Little Luxury Kimono sweaters (pattern by Lion Brand) in Lano Gatto Baby Soft one for my sister and one for a friend who are each expecting their second daughter this Spring
- One pair of fingerless gloves (pattern in One Skein Wonders) in Pattons SYS for my Mom
- Three scarves for my friends which are very belated x-mas gifts and stages of completion: a Branching Out scarf (via Knitty), a scarf using the lace pattern from Molly's Headband (via Interweave Knits) and a scarf using one lace panel from the Weekend Pullover (via Interweave Knits). All three are using Louisa Harding's Grace Wool & coming soon.

After my last round of frogging I re-evaluated my stash and I am purging some of the misc. yarn that I inherited from relatives, remnants of projects and stuff I do not think I will use anytime soon. What I have now is a bag full of yarn that will go to a rehabilitation program that teaches knit and crochet to it's clients. I heard about the program on Brenda Dayne's Cast On
and since the program is based in Philly and not too far away I thought I would send my extra stash to a place where it will be more appreciated. Now my stash is narrowed down to yarn on the "to-knit-list."

This leaves room for stash enhancement! I procured to skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn as incentive to knit up some socks. I will do a practice sock first before I decide which sock pattern I should try. This could be dangerous!!!!

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