Friday, February 02, 2007

Ribbit Ribbit!

I visited the frog pond with several items this week and have scheduled another visit this afternoon. Ugg!

I tried on my Green Gables the other day and it was gi-normous!!! Oh my lord! I know I have gained a little weight lately but not nearly enough to justify keeping this sweater as is (thank goodness!!!) so that was visit number one to the pond. Second was the unfinished scarf I started when I learned how to knit nearly a year ago. That was a bitter sweet frogging, but really I know that I will never wear my atrocious garter stitch scarf with all the accidental yarn-overs. Oh dear! I can use the grey Lionbrand wool-ease for something else and so yesterday I started a tea-cozy for the hubby's new tea pot. Of course I was nearly fished today and let the tea pot try on the tea-cozy and it was gi-normous in the same proportions as my Green Gable sweater. Dear me where has my guage gone! The tea-cozy will visit the frog pond next. All in all re-balling the yarn was a bit cathartic and/or medatative. As for the sweater and tea-cozy I will have to re-visit guage for Green Gables since I must make this sweater for myself and consider a different pattern for the cozy. I do like the pattern for the tea-cozy from One Skein Wonders it is just designed for a much larger tea pot. Maybe some tweaking can make it work but we shall see!!!

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