Sunday, June 10, 2007

Makin' Stuff

As I mentioned before I finished the sewing machine cover and organizer pocket...they are working well so far. I just wish my sewing space was not the dining room table but that is a problem to solve another day.

Here is the gratuitous pics of my handiwork...the fabric ended up looking a little more country than is usually my style, but I love the color combo of the fabrics overall. I have a few more fat quarters I bought just in case so there may be more use in the future.

My favorite part...the handle. I made a stinkin' handle. Crazy! (Yes I am a little excited by all the new things I am learning)

The handy little organizer I made in the same fabric is the most useful. The padding makes a nice temporary pin cushion too. I do not quite have enough accessories/tools to fill the pockets but I love having a space to put anything I need right there while I am sewing.

Yesterday I also crafted a tasty dish to take to a roof garden party at a friend's apartment in NYC. This apartment would be my dream home if I was still in NYC. It was spacious, nicely decorated, and the roof garden was wonderful. But back to the food!

I started with some lovely tomatoes...

Cut them up into bit-size chunks, added some chopped cucumber and some Good Seasons Italian dressing and that is it. A simple, yummy summer time side dish. The longer it marinates the more the flavors blend and in my opinion the best way to eat it is at room temperature. Chilled in the fridge means alot of the flavor gets muted. After all there is nothing tastier than a sun-warmed tomato!


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