Friday, June 08, 2007

Misson (almost) impossible...

Yesterday I embarked on mission to find two fabric stores that, according to interweb resources, were in relative close proximity to my house. Either they are in a new place, no longer exist or mapquest and google maps have led me astray.

Now, I do have a mediocre Rag Shop within easy driving distance and a relatively far away JoAnn's Fabric. I have already made one trip to the Rag Shop and was not impressed. So today I was determined by yesterday's mission impossible to find this far off JoAnn's and procure fabric!

Not only did I find it but I spent two, maybe three hours wandering the aisles dreaming of future projects and seeking a few things to take home. I bought patterns for a skirt and a sewing machine cover & other sewing organizer type stuff and of course the fabric and supplies to complete these projects. I am pretty psyched! Granted this was not the mother of all JoAnn's (probably no where close) but it was a relatively easy drive and they had decent fabric. No complaints so far.

I did manage to bang out the sewing machine cover and a nifty little pocket organizer that the sits under my machine. They were pretty easy, although not exactly beginner projects with all of the padded interfacing, pockets, etc. Me...start with an easy pattern...nah! Even with knitting I jumped right into a sweater because knitting a garter stitch scarf was killing me. Actually that is not completely true...I did finish a ribbed scarf before I finished a sweater, but both were started around the time I abandoned my starter scarf I was taught to knit on.

Anywhoo...the sewing machine cover is a bit large and the pocket organizer is pretty good. I will take pics tomorrow. Not terrible for a beginner. I am just glad that the JoAnn's is decent and not a million miles away like it originally looked to be. How is it possible that the one on Staten Island is closer...maybe if I was a bird.

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