Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Goodies

I must time has been whisked away by Ravelry. The blogging has suffered, but the knitting has continued at a pretty good pace. I have also squeezed in a little holiday sewing.

First up, the sewing project for a good friend that is part of her Xmas gift. The whole package has a cupcake theme...a cupcake cookbook, a cupcake carrier and a handmade apron with coordinating towel. The apron was assembled using two linen kitchen towels I found at Target.

There were two other coordinating towels, but only one matched well and it will also go in the package.

And the knitting...

1. Fetching fingerless mitts (pattern on Knitty)
2. Neckwarmer for Dad (my own experimental pattern)
3. Danica Scarf (pattern on Knitty)
4. Le Slouch (pattern by Knit and Tonic)
5. The Unoriginal HAt (pattern by Yarn Harlot)

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