Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new double digits!

Since my birthday is so close to New Year's I always use the 17 days in between to reflect and come up with resolutions, observations and plans for the new year.

This year I turned 33...not a terribly exciting number other than the double threes. I know I am closer to 35 which feels much more monumental. I did go to work this year (a break from tradition) but I have to say the birthday wishes and hugs I received from many students was well worth it!

So what do I hope for this year? Well, the eternal quest to be healthy is in my mind, but no major resolutions about that other than make good use of my gym membership since I am paying for it. I would also like to get healthy in prep for the next major step I would like to make which is expanding our family. The hubby and I have not yet made plans to start, but the thought is on my mind and I am certainly not getting younger. Getting healthy in preparation seems like a good idea anyway.

I also hope to take another leap in to "grown up" life...buying our first house. Hubby and I have rented for a long time. Now that I am gainfully employed we can seriously consider a more permanent housing plan. We took a drive around our area to see the neighborhoods of a few house we could be interested in seeing internally.

I think this year will be about creating roots of my own. I have always had the roots of my family and home town that are a part of me, but I feel the need to settle in and establish new roots now that I am embarking on a new career, past the one year mark living in a new state and feel the desire to have a child (which has never been a strong priority). I feel that creatively I have already made art making, knitting and now sewing a constant in my life, now for the rest.

It will be interesting to look back in 2009 to see what roots took hold in 2008. Hmmm....I think I can use this root idea in some art.

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