Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Japanese Craft Book

This past weekend the hubby and I drove over to the Japanese market and bookstore in Edgewater, NJ. I had been their once before and the hubby had never been so it was a nice Sunday adventure.

From the market we picked up some edamame and shrimp shumai (yum!) and learned that in Bergen county you have to wait until 1pm to buy alcohol but there are no small appliance purchases allowed. Yup. A strange blue law. That aisle of the market was roped off with signs. Why I could not buy a rice cooker is beyond me!

From the bookstore I purchased a new Japanese sewing book. It is published by Ondori and the title is in Japanese but Google translate the title as "Hand out your grocery store is small cloth of (Japanese characters left untranslated )." Um, yeah. The ISBN number is 978-4-277-43117-0 in case you want to look for it.

Here are some pics of projects that I am considering...

The projects seem to focus on things for the home...of the organization variety. For some reason I am totally in love with the toilet paper wrap. I do not have a clothesline but when I someday do buy a house I want one just so I can make the clothespin holder. I could go on and on, but given the chance I would make it all!

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